Financing Your Next New Ford Or Chevrolet At Osseo Automotive Group

Shopping for a new Ford or Chevrolet is exciting! Getting to test drive the new models and explore what new features are offered. But the next step of buying a car isn't quite as fun as going for a drive. Financing. And here at Osseo Automotive Group we work hard to take the stress and worry out of applying for credit.

No matter what new Ford or Chevrolet you choose, you will have to decide whether you want to lease or buy your next car, truck or SUV. Depending on your unique financial background and needs leasing may be better than buying. So to help our customers decide which financial route is best for them we have highlighted the pros of each.

  • Pros of Leasing:
  • Lower monthly payments
  • Protected by factory warranty
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Getting a new vehicle every two or three years
  • Pros of Buying:
  • Have full ownership for your vehicle
  • No restrictions on miles
  • Trade in value on a new car
  • Not having car payments when the car is paid off

For more information about financing a new Ford of Chevrolet stop by Osseo Automotive Group and speak with a member of financing team.


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