2017 Ford F-350 Eau Claire WI

The Super Duty line up of trucks offers, some of the toughest and most powerful trucks that the world has ever seen. These trucks are ready to get to work and they are ready to get the job done. If you are trying to find the perfect F-series truck for you and your needs, then consider the 2017 Ford F-350 in Eau Claire at Osseo Auto.

Fresh off a full redesign, the F-350 is tougher than ever. On top of that, with five trim options, three cab options, two rear wheel options, and two engine options, you can truly find the perfect F-350 to suit your needs. This year the F-350 utilizes aluminum technology to push its capabilities even further. By saving weight, the F-350 is able to take advantage of a fully boxed fram that delivers towing capability beyond what you would normally expect to find. See for yourself and learn about everything that the Ford F-350 has to offer.

2017 Ford F-350 towing a heavy load

Towing Capacity

Like you would expect from a tough truck like the F-350, the towing capacity is through the roof. With 21,000 pounds of conventional towing capacity and 32,000 pounds of 5th wheel gooseneck towing capacity, the F-350 is truly a force to be reckoned with.


2017 Ford F-350 grille

Engine Options

Ford wants you to drive the way you want to drive, and that’s why the F-350 comes with two great engine options. The F-350 comes standard with a 6.2-liter gasoline V8 that delivers 430 pound-feet of torque, and the optional 6.7-liter Power Stroke V8 Turbo Diesel can deliver 925 pound-feet of torque.


2017 Ford F-350  DRW

Dual Rear Wheels

This is where the F-350 shines. The F-250 is only available with a single rear wheel set up, and the F-450 is only available with dual rear wheels. However, the F-350 gives you the option. You can find the F-350 with either a single rear wheel or dual rear wheel setup.

2017 Ford F-350 cab options

The F-350 really gets the best of both worlds. Just like the F-250, the F-350 has options for all three Ford cabs, namely the Regular Cab, Super Cab, and the Crew Cab.

F-350 Regular Cab: The regular cab is the cab you are used to. With two standard doors and seating for three people. The regular cab also come with a full 8’ bed standard.

F-350 Super Cab: With seating for six, the Super Cab is a step up from the regular cab. To open the rear doors, the front doors have to be open, and the rear doors open in the reverse direction. The Super Cab is available with both an 8’ bed and a 6 3/4’ bed that includes a shorter wheelbase.

F-350 Crew Cab: The Crew Cab gives your F-350 Super Duty all the room of a regular car. With four full-size doors, your passengers can come and go as they please while enjoying a huge amount of legroom. This cab also comes with similar bed option as the Super Cab.

Whether you want your F-350 to have a Regular Cab, Super Cab, or Crew Cab, whether you want it with dual rear wheels or single rear wheels, and whether you want it as a 4x4 or 4x2, you can build an F-350 to suit your needs. Let Osseo Auto help you find your perfect F-350 or another truck today!

2017 Ford F-350 playing in the dirt
2017 Ford F-350  side view crew cab
2017 Ford F-350  interior seats
2017 Ford F-350  interior dash and steering wheel

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